Frequently Asked Questions

What 's the Purpose of Editing?

Copy editors are advocates for the readers. We look for consistency in style and tone. We know the guidelines for grammar, usage and punctuation, helping writers to communicate effectively with their readers.

Since most people instinctively know the standards of usage, grammar and syntax, editors work to maintain those standards...and arbitrate new words and usages. That way, reads don't have to stop and wonder what is being said. 

Editors also watch for inconsistencies in spellings, and help to maintain the correct (and consistent) tone or voice.

All this helps the readers to understand you easily.

How Do You Work?

I can work remotely; although I live in Seattle, I have worked with clients from many places.  I work with hard copy as well as  electronically, and am proficient with Google Documents, and MS Word (PSST: Word Perfect is still out there, and I can do that too). 

What does this cost?

$3.50 per page, for line editing.

For more extensive (content) editing, the fee is $40.00 per hour.

Proofreading is $20 per hour for under 100 pages;  2¢ per page for longer manuscripts.

I accept cash, checks or credit cards (Square or PayPal).


"Bruce was timely, critical when he felt something did not work, and positive when he thought it did. I have another project I am working on and will definitely use Bruce again." -- TZ

"Bruce was exemplary in his editing of my manuscript. He provided not only needed corrections, but also suggestions on improving the story line. He was prompt in his work and completed the project within the promised time. His fees were stated up front and explained. I plan to approach him for my future projects." -- SI

"Bruce engages actively with his clients' projects and provides perceptive, well-grounded advice and a sense of connectedness and community that gives depth and resonance to his work. I recommend Bruce without reservation." -- EA

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