Welcome to Bruce the Word Wright.com

Welcome to Bruce the Word Wright.com

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I am Bruce Sprague, home-based writer working from my home in the Miller Park neighborhood on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I have a degree in Journalism and a minor in English from "back in the day" when teachers really taught English and we really learned it.


I have used that education, consistently, regularly, ever since. My skills have been enhanced with training in copy editing and proofreading through the University of Washington’s Extension program.

I also prepare resumes. My resume site, Roadmap Resumes Seattle. is found  here: 

Roadmap resumes in Seattle
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I’ve edited newsletters, technical manuals, resumes, web pages and books. Most recently, I’ve been editing books. My recent projects included:

  • a memoir about a husband underwent gender reassignment (copy editing), 
  • memoir/how-to guide on recovery from crystal meth addiction (content editing), 
  • historical fiction piece (copy editing)
  • several murder mysteries
  • religious/new thought books
  • academic dissertations.

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What Does Editing Do?

If editing is done poorly—or not at all—everyone notices. When it’s done well, it’s invisible. I can do it well—make it invisible. That's why I'm "invisible."

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